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  • FAQs

    • What Causes a Circuit Breaker to Trip?
      While many circumstances can cause a circuit breaker to trip, the most common cause is a power overload. If you are using too many appliances or electronic devices at once it can overload the circuit. Short circuits, bad wiring, or malfunctioning fixtures can also be to blame. If you are uncertain of what to do, call our team for help now.
    • Are There Ways to Save on My Electric Bills?
      There are many changes you can make in your home to save a significant amount on your power bills. Switching to fluorescent or LED bulbs use less energy, and therefore cost less to run. Ensuring that you do not have chargers or electronic devices plugged in when you are not using them can also help to reduce costs.
    • What Services Does Your Company Offer?
      We can perform all types of electrical installations or repairs. We work on both commercial and residential jobs, helping customers with matters involving circuits, switches, outlets, lighting, fixtures, wiring and more. We can also install generators and perform inspections.
    • Can You Tell Me the Exact Cost of a Job?
      We offer upfront pricing, so we don't do a project with out going over cost. And we will never do any additional work before going over it with the customer and covering the cost. In addition, we offer many payment options, including cash, credit, check, and financing for those who qualify.
    • Why Should I Choose Knee's Electrical Service?
      You would be hard pressed to find a company that cares more about their customers. We offer 24/7 emergency service and we can take on jobs both big and small. Our team gets the job done quickly and correctly, and our level of dedication, respect, and care will make sure that we are your go-to team for any electrical services.