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Reliable Electrical Wiring Upgrades

You depend on the residential or commercial wiring system in your property to stay operational at all times. From running a business to the daily operations of a large family, problems with your wiring can lead to a significant amount of stress. If you are experiencing issues with your electrical system, turn to our team at Knee's Electrical Service. As a family owned and operated Marion electrical services company, we have been serving the area since 1971.

Set up an appointment for an in-home estimate for wiring or rewiring in Marion today by calling us at (765) 201-7220! 24/7 emergency services are available.

Expertly Resolving All Your Wiring Needs

You can trust our electricians to show up when you need us and ensure that the wiring in your home is installed expertly. We use our tools, resources, and specialized skills to assist each of our customers. From the installation of a new home to complete rewiring of a commercial building, you can rely on our qualified electricians to complete your project with expertise.

We Can Provide You With Wiring & Rewiring Services For The Following:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Home remodels
  • New construction
  • Swimming pools/hot tubs

When Should Electrical Wiring Be Replaced?

You should consider replacing your wiring if your home is older, the current wiring is outdated, you don’t have enough outlets to meet your electrical needs, or the original installation was done incorrectly or haphazardly. Additionally, wiring that presents a fire or safety risk is an immediate cause for replacement. If you are uncertain if you need rewiring, keep an eye out for the following signs that indicate service being needed.

Signs Of Faulty Electrical Wiring:

  • If you hear unusual noises, similar to buzzing or humming
  • If your circuit breaker keep tripping
  • If your outlets and panels smell like smoke
  • If there is fraying, punctures, cracks, or other such damage to the wiring
  • If your outlets have visible burn or scorch-marks
  • If the lights throughout your home randomly flicker or dim
  • If your outlets are warm to the touch

If you are considering rewiring your property, you will need the help of an electrician. Never attempt such a project on your own, as the handling of wires can be dangerous and should always be left to a trained professional.

Professional Wiring Contractors in Marion, Kokomo & Wabash County

With affordable rates and a dedication to top-quality service, you have come to the right place for your wiring or rewiring needs. Whether you have recently purchased a new home that needs to be wired or your current home's system is posing serious threats to your safety, our emergency electrical team is here to assist you.

If you are unsure whether or not you need a rewiring upgrade, we can offer a thorough inspection for your home or business. One of our experienced Marion rewiring technicians can meet with you to determine whether your property needs to be rewired.

To get in touch with our knowledgeable Marion electrical team or for an estimate, please contact us today!

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