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Marion Generator Installation

Do You Need a New Generator?

Running a business or a busy household requires a lot of work. And even when you dedicate yourself to ensuring things go smoothly, unexpected emergencies such as power outages can create problems. You may want to consider adding a backup generator to your home or business to maintain productivity during short or long-term power losses. At Knee's Electrical Service, our Marion electricians offer the installation of commercial or residential generators that will meet all of your emergency power loss needs.

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    Guiding You Toward an Informed Decision

    If you have decided that you want to buy a generator for your home or business, you will need to decide which type is most appropriate for you. We offer a variety of different units and can discuss your needs and budget with you to help you make a decision. For example, portable generators are often suitable for smaller homes or for businesses which go on the road. Standby or whole home generators are more appropriate for large homes with a more significant need for electricity.

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    How to Choose a Generator

    Outside of the type of generator, whether it be standby or portable, there are a number of other factors you’ll need to take into consideration when choosing a generator. For example, the size, power, and wattage are essential as this will ensure your electricity needs are met during a power outage. With so many makes and models available on the market, it’s best to consult with one of our highly-qualified electricians who can walk you through the process, answer any questions you may have, and perform the installation.

    Benefits of a Generator:

    • Keeps your power on and electricity running during an outage from a storm, downed tree or power line
    • Protects your devices and appliances from any potential spikes or surges when power returns
    • Helps keep your heating and cooling system running which will maintain the comfort of your home or business
    • Provides a sense of peace, safety, and security during emergency situations and loss of power
    • Keeps components of your plumbing system functioning during an outage, such as your sump pump. If the outage is the result of a storm, this is especially important as your sump pump can protect your property from flooding.
    • No downtime without power, as standby generators kick on automatically in the event of an outage
    • Allows you to maintain operation of your business

    Protecting You from Power Outages in Kokomo & Wabash County

    When a power outage strikes unexpectedly, it can leave you in the dark and unable to get anything done. If you are interested in having a backup in place to keep electricity and your ability to be productive flowing, a generator may be the answer. Our team of Marion electricians at Knee's Electrical Service can help you choose the right type of generator which will meet all of your needs and take care of the installation.

    We Offer the Installation of Several Types of Generators, Including:

    • Residential standby generator
    • Commercial portable generator
    • Commercial standby generator

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