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What to Do When Your Outlet Smokes

Power outlet.

What to Do When Your Outlet Smokes

If you ever notice a sparking or smoking electrical outlet, don’t panic. Taking the right steps to identify and address the issue quickly is important. Whether you try to troubleshoot the problem yourself or hire an electrician, this blog will explain what to do when an electrical outlet smokes and how an electrician can test it.

Step 1: Identify the Source of the Smoke

If you see smoke coming from any electrical outlet, take action immediately. The most important step is identifying where the smoke is coming from—is it from the wiring itself or inside a specific outlet?

If it’s from a particular outlet, unplug all cords that are connected to that outlet and check for any visible damage. You should also ensure all other outlets in the room are unplugged.

Step 2: Cut Power to the Outlet

Once you have identified where the smoke is coming from, cut power to that specific circuit by shutting off its breaker in your home's main service panel (breaker box). This will prevent further damage and keep your family safe until you address the issue—especially since smoke from an electrical outlet could signify something more serious.

If you're not comfortable turning off the power yourself, contact a licensed electrician who can do this safely and effectively while they diagnose your problem.

Step 3: Have an Electrician Inspect It

Once power has been cut off, call a professional electrician who can inspect your home's wiring system for any issues that may be causing problems with your outlets. An expert electrician can accurately diagnose and repair any issues with your outlets or wiring that may be causing them to smoke.

They will also be able to recommend any necessary repairs or upgrades that may be needed for your outlets and wiring system to remain safe for use in your home.

Step 4: Have Your Electrical System Checked Regularly

To prevent similar problems in the future, have an experienced electrician come out regularly, like once a year, and inspect your entire electrical system. This way, they can spot small problems before they become larger ones—and even potentially save lives due to fire hazards caused by faulty wiring systems.

Regular electrical system inspections are one of the best ways to ensure safety in your home at all times. Our team at Knee's Electrical Service will inspect your electrical system and repair damaged outlets.