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DIY Electrical Horror Stories

An electrocuted man

You won’t want to look like a monster as we enter the spooky fall season. Maybe for halloween, but not for all of fall.

When you get electrocuted, your hair may stand up, but not like we see in cartoons, it can actually be extremely dangerous and life threatening.

If you have not gone to school for the electrical work you are trying to complete, it may be easy to cross a wire or turn off the wrong circuit, which can lead to a disaster.

Shocking Mistakes

When it comes to electrical work, the first hazard that comes to mind is electrocution. When dealing with electrical work, you are prone to electrical shock.

Voltage at any level in your home can have serious repercussions, from nerve damage to death.

On average voltage in residential properties is around 110 volts. Some appliances are even higher, and the smallest mistake can cause electrocution to be fatal.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information approximately 1,000 deaths a year are due to electrical injuries such as electrocution.

Fire Hazards

According to the National Fire Protection Association, electrical distribution or lighting equipment, such as wiring, lighting, cords, and plugs are involved in 10% of reported home structure fires per year.

Defective repairs and incorrect wiring that is not up to code is one of the main reasons for some of these house fires.

Your risk of fire hazards for electrical work can last longer than when the work is being completed.

It is like a time bomb, the electrical work could be completed incorrectly but not noticed until months or years later.

From connecting the wrong wires to issues when there is an unexpected power outage, fire hazards are always present with electrical work.

Permits and Inspections

When completing electrical work in your home it must be up to code. Electrical codes must be met to keep your property, you, and your family safe while inside your home.

As stated before, if codes are not met and electrical inspections are failed, fire hazards can last years.

Codes include information about wire size, circuits, cabling, electrical boxes, voltage and more. There are oftentimes different codes for different parts of your home, but when you hire a professional, you can ensure your work will be safe and correctly done.

Costly Repairs

It may be horrifying to see the bill for repairs or hospital bills after attempting your own electrical work.

Oftentimes when someone chooses to DIY repairs, additions or remodeling in their home, it is to save money, but in this case it could actually cost you more.

Repairs can come immediately or down the road, but without the education of a certified electrician, small mistakes can cost you lots of money or even your life.

Hire The Pros

Do not jeopardize your safety, your home's safety or your families safety. Call a licensed electrician to complete the job for you.

Electricians go to school to ensure the utmost safety when performing their work, therefore they will avoid these common horrors. They also know the permits and codes your home will need when electrical work is being completed.

This will ensure any future electrical inspections pass, especially if you plan to sell your home one day.

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